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Trademark Litigation

An Aggressive Legal Representation for A Trademark Litigation

The Law Offices of Sepehr Daghighian provides aggressive legal representation to clients in federal and state court related to Los Angeles Trademark Law.  Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we have been experienced in trademark litigation in different areas and industries.  Our extensive research, preparation, and aim to protect clients’ interests allow us to achieve remarkable results that exceed the clients’ expectations.

As a united and determined law firm, we excel in Los Angeles trademark issues in which other law firms fail. Our success is based on how effective we identify the strengths and weaknesses involved in every client’s case. In addition, we work together in a fast pace unlike larger law firms. While consistently striving to stay ahead in analyzing complex legal issues, we leave behind the opposition that’s just beginning to understate the nuances of the matter in a trademark litigation. This is a great advantage for our clients who can always depend on our unprecedented preparation in either defending or prosecuting a Los Angeles trademark case.

The Law Offices of Sepehr Daghighian, furthermore, provides cost-effective solutions in Los Angeles trademark litigation matters.  We take pride in having effectively assisted individuals and small to medium-sized businesses all over the United States.  Considering this, bulk of our clientele base does not possess the large litigation budgets of their usual opposition (which are often counsel by large law firms).  As a result, we have successfully litigated against international companies that are represented by some of the largest law firms in the nation.  By remaining well-prepared and moving ahead, we are able to make our “smallness” an advantage in any litigation against the opposition.

In any kind of Los Angeles trademark litigation, choosing the appropriate counsel is vital in protecting your interests.  In this regard, we invite you to review our representative cases. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation so we can assist you in any of your legal needs.

Representative Cases:

  • Represented a clothing company in a trademark infringement action filed in teh Central District of California against multiple defendants, including a publicly-traded department store.  Successfully enforced our client’s trademark against defendants’ infringing marks and obtain a settlement, which included payment of monetary damages of approximately half-million dollars and agreement to immediately and permanently cease from selling infringing articles.
  • Represented a medical device company in trade dress action against parties infringing upon our client’s product designs.  Filed legal action against multiple parties in United States District Court, Central District of California.  Negotiated favorable monetary settlement and permanent injunction in favor of our client and against all infringing parties.
  • Represented a Defendant, where Plaintiff claimed that our client infringed its trademarks and copyrights by selling jewelry merchandise that infringed upon the Plaintiff’s intellectual property.  Our representation resulted in both sides settling the case for a low sum with no need for extensive expenditure of legal fees.
  • Defended a client in a law suit where Plaintiff alleged that our client infringed their design patent for certain jewelry designs. Our firm was able to demonstrate a strong likelihood that the Plaintiff’s patent was invalid and unenforceable, thus the case was settled for a nominal payment.
  • In a law suit in which Plaintiff , a popular fashion company, alleged trademark and patent infringement of the designs of its perfume bottles by our client. Our firm counseled Defendants to a mutually acceptable low-dollar settlement without the need for extensive and expensive legal fees.
  • Plaintiff sued our client for trademark infringement related to Plaintiff’s trademark for footwear.  Our firm provided a strong defense and forced the Plaintiff to accept a nominal sum in settlement.
  • Successfully represented client, a building maintenance company, in trademark litigation against an international company, which was represented by one of the nation’s largest law firms. Despite that our client was originally in the position of a defendant, The Law Offices of Sepehr Daghighian filed a counterclaim against the plaintiff and was able to negotiate a substantial settlement in favor of our client.
  • Successfully defended clients, a Canadian company and its owners, in a trademark and copyright infringement suit brought in the United States District Court, Central District of California by a major international software company.  Negotiated a settlement prior to trial for a low, undisclosed sum.
  • Represented client, a music celebrity/clothing manufacturer, in multi-party litigation in the Southern District of New York and Central District of California related to the use of logos on sportswear.
  • Successfully represented Petitioner in action before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeals board in order to cancel the trademark registration of an infringer of our client’s trademark.
  • Successfully represented our client, an importer of electronics equipment, in administrative action before the United States Customs and Border Patrol in several actions related to the imports of goods, which allegedly infringed upon third-party’s trademarks.  The Law Offices of Sepehr Daghighian successfully petitioned the U.S. Customs and Border patrol in order to secure the release and importation of our client’s goods.
  • Successfully represented our client, a producer of satellite equipment, in Georgia and California actions/cross-actions for trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, tortious interference with contract and business relations, and civil conspiracy.
  • Represented client in enforcement of trademarks against former employee.  Successfully was able to obtain complete resolution of all claims in favor of our client without the need for filing a lawsuit.

Most importantly, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal representation in any kind of Los Angeles trademark issue. Please contact the Law Offices of Sepehr Daghighian at (310) 887-1333 to learn how we can be of assistance with your trademark litigation matters.

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